***pics above are current but don’t cover everything we have!
NOON - 3

We are located in Port Richmond, a block from Target, Home Depot etc..We are right off 95, and just a few blocks from the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Parking is very easy at the new place. You will be able to find a spot within a block no problem.

Furniture pickup will on the Pickwick Street side of the warehouse. We provide complimentary car load in if you are taking furniture with you on Sunday. You can also come back to pick up later in the week, or we can arrange for delivery. We do about 10 deliveries Sunday evening, and the rest during the following week.

Delivery cost if paid directly to the driver - $100-125 in Philadelphia area. $180-250 to NYC and Brooklyn. 
$150 Jersey Shore.
Cash, check, and cards are accepted. 
All sales are FINAL. Like an auction, we do not accept returns, or exchanges. 

The Mid-Century Furniture Warehouse is open to the public for sales 2x per month, for three hours. Questions? Heidi Duffey at 267-934-4218 or email. 


When should I arrive? 

Typically, we do have a large crowd gathered outside before a sale, but everyone is admitted at the same time, so there is no advantage to showing up hours before the sale. If you cannot come right at NOON, no worries…we have lots of furniture!


Is it going to be a madhouse? 
This is not Barney’s Warehouse Sale! There is no stampede, pushing, or shoving. Good vibes. Fun shopping experience. 


Where do I park? 
Parking at the new warehouse is easy - there will be street parking available on Richmond St (in front), Salmon St (in back), or Pickwick St (on the side).


What do I do if I want to buy something? 
If you wish to If you wish to purchase an item, ask one of our staff for a sold sticker. You are then obligated to purchase that item. Please do not put sold stickers on items unless you are 100% sure you are buying it. We will mark your sold sticker with your name, and you can continue to shop, or go to the cashier table in the front, and on of our friendly staff will ring you up. Please note: we cannot sell anything in the week before a sale.


Do you deliver? 
Delivery is $100-125 local, and we deliver anywhere. Below is a map of starting quotes for the greater Philadelphia area. On the day of sale, we have complimentary car load-in. If you want to pick up your furniture at a later date, we are happy to store furniture for you. 

Are prices negotiable? 
We stand by our prices - we have the lowest prices for professionally refinished Mid-Century furniture. We may have a little wiggle room on price if you are purchasing multiple items, but in general, the prices are as marked.  We encourage you to comp our prices.

How often do you have these sales? 
We are open to the public 1-2 times a month, for 3 hour sales. Our next sales are scheduled for Sunday October 6, October 20, and November 3rd.